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Check email address validity

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With our most accurate and complete email checker, you can Verify the deliverability of any email address.

E.g. input;

  • With validations made at multiple levels, we have designed the Email Verification system to be extremely perfect and complete more than any tool can ever be. It is powerfully equipped with domain information, response of the mail servers as well as comparison with a unique base of more than 200 million email addresses of professionals.
  • Our email verifier tool can return the following details for an email address:
    • Valid format: The first thing we do is to verify the format of the email address if they are accurate or correct and looks like "".
    • Rubbish or Gibberish Email Address: We also check to ascertain that the Email addresses that are generated don’t seem like some random email address. For instance does not pass this test.
    • Webmail Email Addresses: We do verification to determine whether the email address make use of webmail such as Yahoo / Gmail etc.
    • Presence of MX Records: If no MX records are found on the domain, then it is certain that the email address can't receive emails, so we check for this as well.
    • Presence of SMTP Server: SMTP Server verification will be successful if we are able to connect to the SMTP server as indicated in MX records.
    • SMTP Check: This final test is to determine if the email address bounces or not.
  • We guarantee over 95% of email addresses that are "deliverable" won't bounce. However, the verifications are not completely certain.
  • With this tool, you can enrich your database by verifieng the email addresses of websites you want to contact in bulk (On request) or one by one.
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